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Network Performance Analysis

Bitzone Technologieshas tools that help you do a detailedsystematic network performance analysis including Network Performance Monitor, SNMP Real-time Graph, Real-Time Interface Monitor, and Advanced CPU Load. Other tools likely the Bandwidth, CPU gauges, and the Watch It tool provides the clients at-a-glance monitoring that you can access right from your desktop.

Ensure maximum performance from the network
Ensure network efficiency and capacity
Define current and future network performance

Network performance is a measure of a network's throughput -- the amount of data relocated from one place on the network to another in a specified amount of time. Data transmission rates for networks are measured in terms of throughput.

Bitzone Technologies uses a custom set of tools that can be used to measure performance on a network section. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is often used to gather statistics (such as the number and size of IP packets, total bytes, router CPU utilization, and discarded packets) across many web devices. Network monitoring tools and protocols can be used to display bandwidth usage and other information over time. Like all measures, performance measures are largely subjective -- good and bad performance needs to be defined for each organization.Finally, network performance takes into account dropped (lost) network packets. By these measures, a high performance network has high bandwidth, quick data transfer rates, and low rates of packet loss.

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