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Network Consultancy

Bitzone Technologies is typically involved to troubleshoot issues that cannot be fixed in-house, to assess network safety or profitable return versus performance or to state compliance concerns. Along with consulting we also provide network health check-ups upon which we base our commendations for enhancement or curative action, should it be required.Bitzone Technologies offers solutions/ consultancy on an “as desired” base in addition to our managed services plans. With Bitzone Technologies you lay the foundation for your network installation project' success and gain a plan that is truly based on your business objectives.The Bitzone Technologies consulting process is complete and comprehensive.

We do not forget to maintain the inventory of your present network technology and recommend the products that would work best for you. Wedeliver a clear estimation that lays out a plan for your network’s future and explains exactly how much it will cost. We analyse your budget to make sure if it’s on target, and we can even help you develop an RFP for your network installation project.To top it all off, Bitzone Technologies network consulting organization is also cost-effective. Our network experts work quickly and efficiently to minimize site visits and keep costs down. Plus, their sharp-eyed observations identify probable issues before they become problems down the road – helping future projects stay on schedule and controlling project costs.

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