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Fly me a Trainer

Fly-me-a-Trainer is a premium service offered by Bitzone Technologies.This training program is appropriate for corporate clients who need to conduct trainings for a group of employees. As per client requirements, Bitzone Technologies sends professional coaches to corporate locations. This training method is feasible when you have a group to be trained, whom you do not want to travel to a distant location.

With our trainer at your venue, you just need a discussion room. Our technical team will instruct you about the prerequisites to be taken care of. In order to check the preparations, the instructor can also arrive a day before the program. Fly-me-a-Trainer is also used by training providers who require dedicated IT trainers for their clienteles. Fly me a Trainer is no different from classroom training, as it consists of the same setup. The only difference is that the trainer travels instead of the participants.

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