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F5 Load balancer

Be fluent in F5 products and how to integrate them in your business's surroundings. The F5 training helps you to:

Explore the features and functionality of F5 solutions and how to leverage them to solve typical business problems
Learn how to perform basic BIG-IP administration and configuration tasks
Discover the tools available for you to customize application delivery to meet your business needs

Getting started with BIG-IP LTM (Local Traffic Manager):

Objectives to the course:

Mitigate the risk and impact of failure by implementing the high availability features.
Load Balance web applications traffic across a pool of non-homogenous servers.
Use an iRule to select the load balancing pool based on the clients preferred content languages.
Decrease existing server load by decreasing concurrent connections and connection rates.

Local Traffic Manager upsurges your operational competence and guarantees peak network performance by providing a flexible, high-performance application delivery system. With its application-centric outlook, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager enhances your network infrastructure to deliver availability, security, and performance for critical business applications.

Local Traffic Manager brings to you industry-leading SSL performance so you can lucratively protect the entire user involvement by encoding everything from the client to the server. Local Traffic Manager also protects against potential DDoS attacks. If you need to add firewall protection, application safety, and access control, you can add discretionary modules to further secure your infrastructure—all with centralized visibility and control.

Local Traffic Manager includes F5, a powerful set of features that enable you to manage application services rather than individual devices and objects. This helps you give a greater visibility and control over application delivery—and helps you deploy in hours rather than weeks. Local Traffic Manager also gives you unprecedented control and flexibility with F5, a scripting language that enables you to intercept, inspect, transform, and direct application traffic.

Getting started with BIG-IP GTM (Global Traffic Manager)

The Intelligent DNS Resolution

Objectives to the course:

Configuring smart DNS queries based on the geo location of the query originator.
Complete DNS Security
Scale global Apps

Using high-performance DNS services, Global Traffic Manager (GTM) scales and secures your DNS infrastructure during high query volumes and DDoS attacks. It delivers a complete, real-time DNSSEC solution that protects against hijacking attacks.

GTM progresses the presentation and obtainability of your applications by perceptively directing users to the closest or best-performing physical, virtual, or cloud environment. In addition, enables moderation of complex threats from malware and viruses by obstructive access to malicious IP domains. Using a set of features that includes multicore scalability, DNS Express, and IP Anycast integration, GTM grips millions of DNS queries, protects your business from DDoS attacks, and ensures top performance for users. With DNS caching and resolving, GTM enables fast, same-site responses in a shorter period of time. With GTM, users are engaged to the nearest data center based on geo-location or strategies that will provide the best application experience. Bitzone Technologies through GTM employs a range of global load balancing methods and intelligent monitoring specific to each application and each user. It also routes traffic according to your business policies and current network and user conditions. For greater flexibility, you can use GTM in virtual and hybrid-cloud environments to extend DNS services and global app availability while upholding centralized control within the data center.

Global Traffic Manager assimilates and utilizes Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from third-party vendors for application, centralized management, and secure handling of DNSSEC keys delivering lower OpEx, consolidation, and FIPS amenability.

Getting started with BIG-IP ASM (Application Security Manager)

Objectives to the course:

Configuring APM to provide Active Directory-based authentication pool of web servers.
Create user selectable Network Access and Portal Access Resources
Using the APM Policy to limit user access based on corporate assets criteria
Apply APM access policy to limit resources appearing on the landing page based on individual authorization.

Application Security Manager (ASM) defends your business and relies on comprehensive, policy-based web application security that blocks spasms and scales to safeguard presentation. ASM safeguards all data center applications against OWASP and zero-days attacks. With chief Layer 7 DDoS defenses, detection and mitigation techniques and granular attack prominence, ASM identifies highly sophisticated cyber threats and stop attacks even before they reach servers. ASM also offers unsurpassed protection against automated bot attacks and is the most agile and scalable web application firewall on the market. ASM allows organizations through the world to secure applications and uphold acquiescence without wide-ranging changes to the network.

Bitzone Technologies help you stay on top of security with detailed visibility into violations, attack intensity, impact on the servers and the grade of success of mitigation and correlates multiple violations to identify and more sophisticated attacks. We handle large volumes of application traffic even when under attack and vigorously boost performance with application optimization and acceleration technologies such as fast caching, compression, SSL offload, and TCP optimization.

Getting started with BIG-IP APM (Access Policy Manager)

Objectives to the course:

Configure APM to provide Active Directory-based authentication for a load-balanced pool of web servers.
Create user selectable Network Access and portal access resources in a full WebTop landing page.
Use the APM access policy to limit user access based on corporate assets criteria.
Apply the APM access Policy to limit resources appearing on the landing page based on the individual user authorization.

With Access Policy Manager (APM), your network, cloud and applications are secure. Access Policy Manager offers you valued insight into who’s on your network or cloud, which applications they’re accessing, with what device, from where, and when they are making an effort to access, while upholding unified, context-aware, policy-based control of their access, regardless if its remote, local, web, cloud, or wireless.

APM shields your public-facing applications by providing policy-based, context-aware access to users while consolidating your access infrastructure. Working with the BIG-IP Edge Client, APM provides secure mobile and remote access to corporate resources—such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and VDI—over all networks and from virtually any device.

APM enables you to consolidate management and infrastructure, eliminate redundant tiers, and reduce CapEx and OpEx. APM easily integrates with your existing authentication infrastructure. With AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) control directly on APM, you can apply repeatable access policies across local or cloud-based applications and physical or virtual servers, while gaining a centralized view of your entire authorization infrastructure.

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