Available, Scalable, and Energy Efficient Application Delivery

The Cisco ACE Application Control Engine Module for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches and Cisco 7600 Series Routers is a next-generation load-balancing and application-delivery solution. A member of the Cisco family of Data Center 3.0 solutions, the module:

Helps ensure business continuity by increasing application availability
Improves business productivity by accelerating application and server performance
Reduces data center power, space, and cooling needs through a virtualized architecture
Helps lower operational costs associated with application provisioning and scalin

It achieves these goals through intelligent load-balancing and content-switching technologies integrated with acceleration and security capabilities. A virtualized architecture and role-based administration help you provision and deliver multiple applications from a single module to increase data center scalability.These technologies facilitate data center consolidation initiatives by reducing the number of servers, load balancers, and firewalls. These benefits all increase productivity and reduce costs.

Improve Application and Server Efficiency

To increase application availability, the module uses best-in-class application-switching algorithms and highly available system software and hardware. You can manage up to16 Gbps of application traffic in a single module, and up to 64 Gbps with four modules, in a single Catalyst 6500 Series Switch chassis.

Flexible application traffic management, and offloading of CPU-intensive tasks such as SSL encryption and decryption processing and TCP session management, improve server efficiency. For long-term investment protection and scalability, you can upgrade your software license to add modules.

Boost Productivity and Lower Costs

Cisco ACE technologies enhance application availability, accelerate application performance, and help secure the data center and mission-critical application from attacks.

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