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BootCamp (Customised)

Customised Training can be organized for IT professionals / enterprises that have special requirements which are not met by our standard Regular, Fast and Super-Fast Track Boot Camps.

You can absolutely become a better networker and learn how to build the relationships you’ll need for success–without feelingicky, intrusive, aggressiveorneedy.

Networking BootCamp was created to offer you clear, simple, low-stress, comprehensive guidance on how to extend yourself in ways that provide maximum benefit for minimum effort. This BootCamp is purposefully packed with way more information that you can absorb in one listen. The goal is to give you enough tools, techniques, and tactics to support you for the rest of your career.

Whether you need to learn this stuff for the first time, or you simply need to be reminded of this stuff again, Your Networking BootCamp is valuable regardless of what level you’re at.

Systems control and integration is rapidly becoming the primary area of growth for the residential electronic systems industry. It is essential for home technology professionals to not only get trained, but also put their knowledge into practice. Bitzone Technologies is your source for the most comprehensive, hands-on networking and systems integration training. This five-day boot camp addresses the advanced networking and systems integration topics critical to delivering successful projects using today’s new and emerging technologies.

During this boot camp you will install, configure, and program multiple residential electronics subsystems into a unified home automation platform – all using a mobile device as both an entertainment source and system controller. Subsystems include A/V, HVAC, lighting, closed-circuit cameras, shades, doorbell, and more. By understanding the thought process and theory behind networking and systems integration, you will be able to apply these skills to any product-specific software. Bitzone Technologies is the only place to get training of this scope and depth!

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